It's me De-Great; or call me GR. I am a creative trying every and anything that spikes my interest. 3D, code, music, drawing, writing?

On this site, you'll find a few things I want you to know about me πŸ™ˆ or stuff I'm working on 🎒 . If you want to know more and keep up, try following my socials or join my Discord server.


Mangobase πŸ₯­

Low-code Javascript backend framework for Node and Bun runtimes.


This is a SaaS project I founded; an e-commerce enabler. Think Shopify but tailored for the Ghanaian merchant.


This is a Youtube channel I share progress on stuff I'm working on. You'll also find some tutorials on code, 3d, etc. It's fun, check it out!

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