My name is De-Great

I am an expert fullstack product developer. I love to learn and experiment a lot. I also make 3d artworks.

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I have expert skillset for these stacks


I use designs to give insights on application flow to clients - without neglecting customers usability.



I build well tested mobile apps making sure efficiency and ROI are near maximum.

Flutter, Android/Kotlin


With modern frameworks I build web applications that run well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

React/NextJS, Server, Vue

Server API

REST APIs, realtime applications that feed and process data from frontend applications.

Feathers/Express, Django, Mongo, Postgres

I also have a Medium. I blog once in a while. I publish tutorials or write on my approach to some problems. Technical or lifestyle.

Open Source Projects

These are my contributions to the software development community

211 stars


A flutter widget to display stories just like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Support for still and animated images, videos and text. Comes with gesture detection and useful callback methods.

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70 stars


A place/location picker widget for Flutter. Comes with autocomplete search suggestions, map tap selection and nearby place selection. Easy to integrate in minutes.

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All the trade-secrets


Working together on a project

How to make contributions to the same code repository (with git) for small teams.