Not a /etc/hosts editor!

Mirror your production domains on your .local machine

Comes with automatic HTTPS redirect and certificates. Supports proxies on paths.

$ brew install blackmann/brew/dotlocal
$ dotlocalctl configure
Watch a quick demo.

Reasons you'll want a .local

HTTPS experience

Want HTTPS experience

Some web features only work on HTTPS. This is your chance!

Wiping localStorage

Tired of wiping localStorage or cookies

Values in localStorage from another project usually interferes with the current working project.


Your app uses subdomains to resolve tenants.

With dotlocal you don't need to hard-code subdomain values on configs in development.

For $4.99*: Perpetual license

Upgrade license to add unlimited domains and enable path proxies.

  • Max 5 domain entries
  • Sub-domain support
  • Automatic HTTPS redirect
  • Local cert generation
No expiration
  • Unlimited domain entries
  • Proxy on path
  • Sub-domain support
  • Automatic HTTPS redirect
  • Local cert generation
  • Supports me
$4.99* one-time

*Actual amount charged is GH₵59.00 (Ghana cedis). USD is used on this page to give a fair idea of the price. See current rates on Wise to be sure of the amount you'll be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions